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Sarah Holstebro

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Hi I’m a 18 year old girl from Denmark, I bought this bike wich is a chinese copy of a Honda cg125, as a project, I love classic cafe style bikes, and my dad owns a Honda cj360 which is going to be my inspiration but with my own twist.
My dad is helping me with the technical problems, but I have to collect the information myself, and I also have problems that he dosn’t know, so I hope you guys will help me.


irk miller

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Looks like a lot going on in that shop. Glad you made it to the party.


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Welcome, I remember my frist bike :)

There are a lot of guys with a lot of knowledge here and I am sure they will help you out. It's a friendly place too.

Brian :)


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Welcome from Georgia.

Good luck and enjoy the ride.

Here, and on the bike, too.!


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Welcome to the site and the passion. The internet is a very useful tool when working on bikes, so sharpen your skills in using it. I keep an old tablet with network access, a browser, and Acrobat reader in the garage for access to manuals.

Sarah Holstebro

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Thanks to you all, i Can see that im in the right place, for alle the help im probably going to need to build this bike into a “Honda caferacer”


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Sarah Holstebro said:
Hi again
Despite some issues with charging and now with starting at all
I Think the bike is quite a bit closer to goal
Looking super. Have you done any tests on the charging system?



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Get it running right before you do any more. Do a search to find what issues the bike may have and what things to look for.

That pipe is nice, you may be able to modify the baffle a bit to get a nice sound out of it.

I like that seat too.

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