1966 Ducati 250 Monza

Erskine said:
It's a design classic! What you are planning is a gross violation, people have been hung for doing less to goats.
This would make you worse than a goat botherer.
Can you live with this?

Too funny. When I clicked on "first unread" or whatever I only saw your post and had forgotten I had posted the 851 here. I thought someone was upset I was modifying a '66 Monza!

But as long as I'm here, an update... I haven't heard a word from the guy who is porting the head, I should probably contact him to see how it's going. As for the 851, I still haven't even started it let along ridden it. Project creep has crept into the equation. Haven't done all that much work on it yet but have been spending money on parts I don't really need. Need? No. Want? Oh yeah... ;-)
I am enjoying this build...I still can't get the image of Xb eating his shorts out of my head. :) on another note. Zeke was suppose to be doing his home work in class so he got online and found a 250 68 duc. Teacher didn't specify which homework ;) so now we are building a Ducati.
Joined this forum just to chime in on this topic. I also have a 250 Monza and I just completed installation of the Powerdyamo. Not as easy as I expected, but the bike seems to be running well and always starts on the first kick. It's also nice to not have a battery to worry about.
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