1968 BSA Firebird Scrambler RAFFLE - City Limit Moto


City Limit Moto:Parts-Service-Apparel (716)8038606

100 Entries offered at $80 a spot!

here's the post for info!

bump, entries are slow-going.

going to give this another week and if it doesn't start to fill up we will be canceling the raffle and refunding all entries, and I guess I'll move onto listing the bike for sale.
It's probably a combination of things, people don't want to send the money through friends and family, no guarantee that way. $80 is a lot per entry, most people would probably rather spend $8, so maybe 1000 tickets at $8/ea would sell better.
Could be, too, that folks might be willing to invest $80 knowing that their money is going, or largely going, toward a charity but wouldn't be willing to simply risk $80 on a 1 in 100 chance they'll get a '68 BSA. At least w/ the charity aspect they'll get a feel-good benefit from the expenditure otherwise spending the same $80 in a slot machine might still give the same end results but could be more fun while you lose your money.

Great looking BSA, though.
Maybe if all entries received something (a 25% discount from your online store, a t-shirt that you had a sh!tload of and could use shifting anyway, something) then more people would get involved. 1-in-a-hundred is pretty decent odds if there's a cool bike up for grabs which there absolutely is, but it'll suck for 99 people going home empty handed
Great looking bike that I'd love to own and ride, but $80 is a lot right now even with such good odds. Raffles are always hard work and the ones I have been involved in that worked best were relatively low cost and a charitable cause benefiting from some or all of the funds.

Maybe you will get a better response after the next round of stimulus checks go out :)
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