1968 CL350 Part out + tanks


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1968 CL350 part out. One full bike (I bought it for the tank and paid wayy way way too much but it was too hard to pass up what is basically an NOS tank).. Not looking to make money on this but just looking to pass along parts to someone who might need them more than I do. Bike is together, engine is locked up and I do not have a title for the frame if you're looking for a titled frame.. however if you were super interested, I could get it titled with a Michigan Title pretty easily. I have two other 350 engines in pieces as well, one is CB one is CL. Let me know what you need and just make me an offer with what you think is fair and I will probably say yes.. Like I said, not trying to get rich and just hoping to help get a few more bikes on the road.

The pipes on this bike are the high scramblers that came on the CL's and are in very good shape. They need to be polished up but do not show any signs of rust. They're going to be heavy and expensive to ship but we can figure that out. Unlike most of the other parts, I'm not going to just give these away, make a fair offer and they're yours :) mufflers at the end are trashed, I would just be sending the headers/pipes, the retaining rings that bolt pipes to cylinder, and the heat shield unless someone buys that separate.

Other stuff:

Honda SL125 Engine - in pieces, let me know what part you need and i'll see if I can get you pictures.

1978 Honda XR 75 tank + cap (red) - minty clean on the inside, so clean I would consider eating off of it... No dents, outside could use a paint job if you were looking for a brand new tank but doesn't look too bad. Would make for a nice top tank build.. $75 shipped or $65 and you pay whatever shipping is.

1978 Honda XR 75 - frame, wheels, subframe, handlebars, forks - all are in good shape. No title for the frame.

1971 SL125 tank + cap (gun metal grey) - freshly powder coated sl125 tank free of dents and inside is in very clean. $85 shipped or $75 and you pay whatever shipping is.

1968 CL350 tank + cap (blue/white) - awesome tank, inside is minty clean. outside wing badges and honda emblems are in good shape. one small pressure dent on top right side of tank, could be easily filled and repainted or possibly pulled? there are no hard edges to it, so pulling might be easy? $110 shipped obo. I would provide extremely detailed pictures of this one before any paypal is accepted as I don't want any surprises by whoever gets it.

I can provide pictures of everything upon request. Local pickup for parts is in Grand Rapids, Michigan and obviously shipping can be arranged on everything. Email adam.lohner@me.com and I'll get back to you as quick as I can. Also, if you are interested in having any of the parts blasted and powder coated prior to shipment, we can figure that out as well since I do that as a small side business apart from my daily desk job.
do you have the exhaust collars that slip onto the pipes before tightening the finned collars on? idk what they're called
is the oil baffle in the lower crankcase still available? mine broke into around 5-6 pieces and was wondering if you had it and if you did what would you be willing to part with it for?
I'd like to see pictures of the sl125 tank.

Thanks.....email sent
good luck guys. I tried sending a message and I have emailed him and got no response. He has one post in total on the board and that is this ad. I doubt we will see or hear from him on any of these parts.
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