1968 Honda CL350 Cylinder Head Marking


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One of my exhaust port studs and the hole in the cylinder head is broken beyond repair. I'm considering just buying one from ebay, I've found some pretty cheap. There's an M mark on the head on my bike. "M4" I believe. I've seen a bunch of heads on ebay but none that match my "m" number. Is there a difference? What do those markings mean? Thanks in advance!!

AFAIK they are casting numbers from either different casting companies or different batches. It should make no difference. - if that is the only difference.
MAKE SURE that whatever you buy is from a 68 or 69. After that the heads/cams are different. They'll bolt right up and work fine, but theyre (70 and newer) a bit of a power downgrade from the Type One.
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