1970 Kawasaki H1 with FZR components


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I totally missed this section!!!!
Holy cow!!!
I love this site now!!! (yeah, that's right.... I'm a newbie!!!)
"This place has got everything!!!!" (The Blues Brothers movie)

I have had the HARDEST luck trying to find a website for these old school street fighters that wasn't specific to one type of engine!


Ok, so I am a lazy bastard, but I JUST got the front wheel for it.

I have all suspension parts (front and rear), brakes, wheels, rear sets, clip-ons, master cylinders, calipers, etc.

I will throw the front wheel on this Sunday and do some hacking on it and take some pics.
Hey man cool project.

Welcome to the site!

Judging by your other post of unfinished / partial / complete projects this one should be nice.
Nice to start off a bit ratty, makes the finished product that much nicer.
Ease said:
Hey man cool project.

Welcome to the site!

Judging by your other post of unfinished / partial / complete projects this one should be nice.
Nice to start off a bit ratty, makes the finished product that much nicer.

Yo! Nice project! I love those old Kawi Cafe/Fighters for obvious reasons! Two strokes ROCK!

I'm looking forward to following your progress!
You guys are assuming too much..... You think I am going to make progress!!!! :D

Nah, just kidding. I work on each one bit by bit, so I never get anything done. :eek:

I plan to get 3 bikes done this year. So.... that means I will get 1 done.... and it won't run right. :(

I need some more parts, but I spent 10 minutes and cut off the passenger peg mounts (yeah.... I did it!), and put the front wheel on.

Fuggin sick!!!!
I have that same swingarm, which was narrowed to fit in an XS650 frame and had shock mounts added for twin shocks at the back. Does the stock arm bolt in to your H2 frame? You're going to run a mono shock?
I didn't measure the H2 frame. I am not sure if it bolts right into the H2 frame, but man that swingarm slides right into the H1 frame like it was meant to be!!!!
Sorry - meant the H1 frame. Doh. Pretty sweet. So you're going to get the monoshock going on it then?
Oh yeah. Sorry. It will be monoshocked like my friend's KZ1000/ZX636 bike.
His is bad to the bone!

I plan some other real trick stuff for this thing.... but I will treat you guys like mushrooms..... Keep ya in the dark and feed ya bullshit!!!! :p

Nah.... I have some stuff up my sleeve, I will just keep them low key... for now....

Tim, it's easier to mill the XS650 S/A mounting bosses to fit the FZR swingarm IMHO.
Cheers 50gary
Whatever became of this project? Your mock-up had such a sharp stance that it motivated me to buy the front and rear off a local FZR parts bike to start upgrading my H1. Any updated pics, finished? How'd you mount the rear shock, weld in a crossbar for the mono-shock, or end up welding mounting points onto the swinger for dual shocks?
This is an old thread. Lol!
I had a buddy weld up a custom mount for the mono shock.... then the bike got put on the backburner.
I just got a title for it last week.... lol!

I bought a set of Jemco GP style stingers with silencers for it(sitting in a box under my bed).

I'm currently putting a motor in my suspension swapped Z1.

I have over 20 bikes.... so sometimes I get lost in everything.
lol, I saw you post here and on another forum too, and was eager to see what became of the build. I read about the FZR swingarm swap in some other places too, so decided to take the plunge when I saw the parts available on the cheap. I'll start a thread once I get mine underway..
The fzr forks might be better than stock.... but the inverted front ends are cooler..... but also may make your turn radius shorter (forks may hit the tank).
I used a modified FZR arm on my T500.


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I took over the project as madmaxx was thinking the herd, and I couldn’t pass it up. Got a long ways to go yet. Lowered the front about 3/4 inch and the back 1 1/2 inches. Plan to lower the front to match. Need gaskets and rings to finish the engine. Already have lot of engine work done. Going with ‘70 gauges and Fzr controls.
I wanted to see what it would look like in white, so shot a little primer, but now looking at bright red.

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Update this December. It’s alive, after a lot of engine work it runs. Working on the paint now. Still a lot of detail work to go.

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Making progress. Finished the paint and decals. Working on the wiring now. I went back to the H1 switch gear as I couldn’t find a good way to setup the choke lever. Found an offset sprocket, but had to go a 520 chain from the stock 530.

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