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Last night I went to see the friend who sold me the bike because he has a friend who just bought his first motorcycle and wanted me to look at the malfunctioning speedo. While I was there he told me that he had found something he thought went with the bike and it turned out to be the right side cover.



I am super stoked that I have a side cover now! It’s only the right side and it’s got a small crack, but since I need to repair the headlight bucket again I’ll just do this at the same time. Other than that it’s almost perfect. Some scratches and stuff but these things go for like $300 for nos! Each!!! And I kinda dig the AMA Camel race series sticker. I definitely don’t want to take it off either because I’m sure all the adhesive from 20 years ago will stay on the paint. Plus now I have something to take measurements off of to potentially make sheet metal ones. So today I sat down for a few hours in fusion360 and came up with this:



I haven’t modeled in the clips yet but I figured it’ll be easier just to make them on the fly if I build these. As you can see I went with a pretty sharp edged design, which doesn’t really match the style of the bike, but I had to design it to where I could build them out of sheet metal with just basic tools and a welder, which I think is doable. They will require a lot of cleanup, but definitely doable.


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So I put the cad drawing onto foam board first to see if it would work before I did sheet metal. It looked good so I moved forward with sheet metal. Yesterday it got it all cut out of 22 gauge sheet steel and welded it up. I think when I do the left side I’ll use 18 or 20 gauge. I didn’t realize how hard it was gonna be to weld 22 without blowing holes in it, even with tig. But in the end I was able to get it all together. I backed it with All Metal to give it some extra strength, plus All Metal is waterproof unlike bondo so if in the unlikely scenario that water gets through the paint it’ll only ruin the bondo that I used on the faces of the cover, and not the seams too.

so here it is all welded up and soda blasted in the blast cabinet. As you can see i added the tab on the bottom to utilize the stock lower “mount” on the back of the tool kit.



And here it is on the bike. I like how it looks personally. I think that the sharp lines are kinda cool, despite the fact that they don’t necessarily fit the style of the bike.

I ended up just welding tabs on the frame and and nuts inside the cover. I thought about making clips like the originals but these are a lot easier and will be super easy to remove if I ever decide to. I didn’t really take any pics of the bondo work or primer or anything but that’s what I’m on now. I’m not very good at body work though so fingers crossed it turns out ok


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wow, nice work...
Thanks guys. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. I think I could've done a better job with the bodywork but this isn't a restoration either, so a few imperfections are fine with me. I am planning on getting some stickers made that say CL100. I thought about ones that say honda and have the honda motors wing logo on them but I think that it would look a little redundant to have the covers say honda with the wing logo and have the exact same thing on the tank. I am going to order through https://www.isaydingdong.co.uk/ . They have stickers that say cb125 or 1000 just nothing for the 100cc bikes so I did a custom order through them. Not sure what it's gonna cost yet but if their other stickers are any indication, they should be cheap. I don't know yet how their quality is but i'd definitely recomend checking them out just for the sheer volume of stuff. They have stickers for literally anything. Got the paint and clear shot on it this afternoon. Turned out pretty good but i'm not sure yet how it's gonna match to the tank paint, so fingers crossed...


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I bought some "Scrambler" stickers for my DIY panniers from those guys.

They were probably intended for a Triumph or some such, but what the hey.

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