1971 cl100


Been Around the Block
Installed some led blinkers last weekend. Most did it because the blinkers I chose also have tail and drake lights, so I can eliminate the big stock one. However they are dimmer than I’d hoped for so I will probably end up doing an led strip too when I make a plate mount. I don’t entirely love the look either, but it’s much slimmer and that’s kind of the look I want. Not going for full custom, just cleaner. I’m experimenting with a trimmed rear fender too. Not too sure how I feel about it yet, but I think I’ll end up with some variation of it. I think a seat would really make a difference but haven’t gotten that far yet. I also have most of the parts for a front disk swap, but I have had little to no time this summer between work and working weekends, and I’m not sure I’ll even be home next summer, so unfortunately this bike may sit in storage for a couple years☹️
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