1971 honda cl350 kickstart not catching


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when i bought the bike the kickstart didnt work any time you tried to kick it would never seem to catch. i have taken out the kickstart.and as i look ive noticed the teeth on the kickstart are somewhat worn. is that my problem?

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Either the kicker shaft is worn, or your clutch is stuck in. Does the bike run fine otherwise? If so, it's the shaft.


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I have the same issue on my cb350. It was also like that when I bought it. I was told that the problem is further in, and you have to crack the cases to get at it. I put it on the back burner for now.


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The bike ran ok but the cam tensioner was shot and I know it needed a tune up, but other than that the bike to me ran alright, but then again im no expert. The cam tensioner was so bad that it rubbed and cracked the cylinder jugs.

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