1972 CL350 rear sets in the way of kickstart need help


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Best bet is to do what I did and heat it up with an acetylene torch and bend it into a "z" shape. It'll be out of the way when it's folded up, but it'll swing out wide to clear the rear sets.


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Look at the cb360 kickstarter. I think it swings out at the base near the spline, and goes wider. It clears my rearsets i was told.


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My old Triumph had the same problem. I just used a folding foot peg and it cleared just fine. If that doesnt clear still try the torch method, Triumph kickers are bent like an s to begin with.


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I had the same issue on the exact same bike. I got rearsets from motobits. Awesome Rearsets, problem with clearance of kickstart. I ended up getting a CB 350 kickstart on ebay for like 15 bucks. Its got a bigger outward swing to avoid the pipes that run under it. It fits perfectly and folds up to almost the exact same place. Start with the CB specific. You can check bike bandit and see the 3 different styles. I have one of the two styles that has a fixed foot peg on top. something like this;


best of luck


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I don't have any on hand, I'll see if I can grab some tonight or something. You looking for a picture of kickstart clearance, the rearsets, or both? If you just want to see what the rearsets look like, motobits.com/vintage.html has pictures or you can search on here, I know I've seen someone showing their unboxing of their rearsets.

They're pretty great. Super light, and the guy doing everything on their end was super helpful. I'm still in the process of getting everything up and running so i can't really attest to how they ride. The one thing i will warn you is, if you're planning on running stock pipes, hopefully your feet aren't too big. I wear a 10.5 and my boot comes right under the muffler.


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I am interested in the kick start clearance. In some threads covering kick start clearance with rearsets, it looks like I have the same kick starter, but in others it doesn't.


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I have the same bike with the same issue, Guy @ Motobits told me race bikes with rear sets didn't have kick starters? So make sure your electric start works or you can push start it in third gear, as long as your not in a valley ;D

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