1972 Triumph Trident T150V NOW for Sale!


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You can find my build thread on here. I pretty much call it as it is. I did a pretty thorough post with my video on Facebook, so I'll just paste it here:

The bike was purchased as a sad warehouse orphan in November 2021. It required a lot of work and additional parts to get it to this point, but I need to sell it to make room for the next project - a '75 GL1000.

Asking price is $4000 US or Best Offer. Shipping, handling, taxes etc. responsibility of purchaser. Title in-hand.

Engine has been stripped down to cylinders off to permit thorough cleaning of the crankcase, flushing of oil channels, reseal of the case, and correction of MANY previous owner issues. Brakes cleaned, inspected, and re-lubricated. Forks rebuilt and filled with synthetic ATF. New lower head bearing. Frame de-rusted, primed, and painted with Rustoleum Appliance Epoxy. A USB drive of photos from the rebuild, plus parts lists and manuals goes with the sale.

Features: fresh paint with 2K clearcoat, Oil Frame [probably a T140V] saddle in excellent condition remounted to the T150V frame. Unknown Japanese origin front fender, ebay rear fender spliced to a bobbed T150 front half and blended, pit bike mufflers that sound good and look right, rewelded SS header painted with BBQ paint, complete rewire to negative ground with modern SS reg-rect [charges well], ALL lighting is LED, Euro-style handlebars with new grips, ebay kill switch, GL1000 left bar controls and GL1000 headlight bucket with LED indicators, Oil pressure gauge plumbed in with SS tubing from engine to steering head, replacement used clocks - milage is unknown, aftermarket mirrors on replacement perches, chromed rocker covers with silicone gaskets, chromed carburetor bodies. Many small round gaskets replace with "Dowty" washers. New rubbers, new Shinko tires (and tubes/rim bands), 16" rear rim [HD-style].

This will be listed on Facebook Marketplace and perhaps other sites as I see fit. Not in a hurry to sell, but need the space to start on the '75 GoldWing.

Good: much work done and PO issues corrected. Starts and runs good, the little I have ridden, it has performed well and pulled hard. Not good: oil pressure drops very low when it heats up [over 70 psi when cool]. Might need bottom end gone through. Odd: needs gas tank level to be over half to really tickle for easy starting.

Left foot brake, right foot shift has me afraid to ride it much - I keep down-shifting instead of rear braking.



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