1972 Yamaha DS7

Finally got the TM's dialed into the ballpark. With a little more playing I should have it in the diamond.

She'll fire up just this easy now...
Took her down the road a bit. Feels stronger than ever.
This is the first time in 2.5 years that she's seen pavement.
Just a few pics of the updates...
The TM's


The RD350 clutch upgrade

Replaced the rotted engine harness connectors
And she got a well deserved cleaning...

I've got UNI filters on order. Once they come in I'll play with the carb tuning some more.
Once that's done, these will finally go on...
Dude, I didn't know about the bling heads! Kinda ironic looking back at your original build thread with they gold sprayed head.

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I stopped at the Ottoco booth at Barber about seven years ago and struck a cash deal. $500 shipped. It was an "Ok" deal at the time, but considering what HVC sells them for now, I think I made out like a Bandit.
About a month later, they showed up at my door. About a week later I got an email apologizing and explaining that the heads they sent missed a machining step, and could I send them back. I did, and they sent me a corrected set (all on their dime).
They've been sitting on a shelf since. Now that I have the 350 motor in, and she seems to be mostly sorted out, it's about time they got installed ;D
I’m actually about to make a name change on the shop. You’ll get a kick out of it.
Stay tuned ;)
JustinLonghorn said:
No longer the Whack Shack?!
Well sorta. Kiley's stipulation was that it had to have Shack in the name. So that'll stay. But I found something with a little more local style to it.

irk miller said:
Erectile Dysfunction is a bitch.
Speaking from experience?


Need to pick up a shallow wall socket to tighten up the sparkplugs. Then the testride :D

Did a little checking and found that I needed longer reach plugs anyway, so I ended up buying a sparkplug tool and couple of sets of plugs from HVC Cycle.
She's still a little rich though. But, I hit the bottom of my jet stash... again. So, new jets are on the way... again :p
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