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Hello all, just picked up a LT2 for dirt cheap yesterday. Currently only registered for off road (needs head light hooked up, battery, and tail light) but I am aiming to get it back on the road to use as a commuter to and from school. Starts right up on first kick and has a brand new top end and tires on it. Paint is not original (though somewhat close) but I am thinking about repainting it at some point.


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Tested the stator today and it puts out 18V at idle so I will be converting to 12V :D. Now I just need to order up a battery, regulator/rectifier, and a new headlight!
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I like how that Suzuki says YAMAHA on the side of the tank... weird
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CALfeRacer said:
I like how that Suzuki says YAMAHA on the side of the tank... weird

I didn't want to be the one to point out the obvious.
Cool little project. I'll be watching.
Busy week with midterms and projects in school. I am looking at ordering my battery and regulator rectifier so I can get everything wired up and see if it works. Anyone have suggestions on the regulator rectifier? I was thinking of going with a small sealed battery (12V 4A TruGel on Dime City). Electrical stuff is totally new to me so I'll take all the help I can get.
Schools been a bitch lately so I haven't gotten anything done of late. Did test fit the cases from a '73 ATMX and they appear to fit just right. So keep your eyes out for that in the fall when I have money again. Until then I should be doing some wiring this weekend.
Sadly didn't have the time or money to finish the bike :'( Being a college student sucks sometimes haha. Ended up getting an inline step-up wired and the headlight putting out 12V, and stuck with an OEM style 6V tail light. Didn't get the switches wired up, but I ended up making a profit on it so I am definitely happy. Next bike will definitely be 12V so I don't have to deal with that again though :p
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