1972 Yamaha R5 350 "A Clockwork Orange" D-U-N Done! Well, at least for now.


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Hey Guys. This bike is for sale. This is a basically complete project that I've never been able to work all the little gremlins out of. The biggest thing and the only thing that has kept me from riding her is that it will only run on a fresh battery BUT, All the charging components check out when tested. SO, without just changing them all I can't determine where the problem is. Well, I guess I could keep at it and I would eventually be able to work it out but I am out of energy and most of all space for this one. I really think what this bike needs is a new home and an owner with the enthusiasm to work out the last little glitches. If anyone is interested let me know. I think $1500 is fair.


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i know it sounds dumb but have you checked all your grounds? i like to run duel grounds on my builds... i would bet that has something to do iwht it bud


"Fast with a past"
Yeah Joe, I'm sure it is something like that and I know I can figure it out. I just don't want to. I've lost enthusiasm for this bike and just want to move on. However, I doubt it will sell as is so I will probably be back at it after the holiday's. We'll see.

Good idea on doubling up the grounds btw.


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Absolutely love your bike mate. Just read your thread from start to finish. You must be extremely proud of your work 8)

You've got to keep it mate.

Cheers Mega


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Hey, thanks. Yeah it was a great project but if you saw the row of bikes waiting for attention in my shop you'd understand where I'm at. Tough choices.


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That's a really gorgeous little bike. I sure wish they made them as long as they made the XS650, 'cause there sure aren't all that many of these things out there. I like it like this a LOT. But I'd sure like to see one with polished up cases and bare alloy fins, those same exact piple in chrome or better yet titanium, etc etc etc. Awesome little bike. Two strokes went through a lot of changes, as did all bikes. But right there at the cusp of the '60s-'70s, that's where they reached their stylistic zenith. Every one of the big four lost their mojo at a certain point in time, I mean look at where they are now! Ha ha. But each of them had some gorgeous little scoots at one point in time, an aesthetic that fans of ALL Japanese bikes today should appreciate. I'd like to see the new Yammies built as an homage to these cool little twins. Damn. And people think Yamma 350, they always think RD, but it doesn't start there, it may have reached a technological point where their power suddently jumped and all of that, and later on they saw suspension leaps and bounds both in their twins and their fours, big and small. But these gorgeous little bikes ... oh man I could write romantic poetry about this shit! Ha ha. As if it weren't bad enough that I look at so much bike PORN....


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