1973 CB350G Canadian Noob Build (Gotta start somewhere!)

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There’s yer friggen problem right there! Replaced and battery charges no problem. Not even sure how this sucker blew tbh. Anyway, I suppose I didn’t need to spend the money on that rotor but it’ll compliment the rest of my Ricks Hot Shot charging system nicely and it was an upgrade I was bound to get down the road anyways.

Either way I totally forgot that fuse was even in there until one of you guys mentioned it in the thread. Either way she’s running great now and the battery seems to be recharging without issue even with the headlight on.

The rotor swap will be done in a few weeks possibly. Or I may just leave her alone for now and enjoy the heck out of her for the rest of the summer... ya that sounds like a good idea.

She’ll be making an appearance and the Toronto motosocial on the 1st Wednesday of July if anyone’s from Toronto and wants to come check her out. The big moment will be the hour ride from my parents garage back to my place in the city. Fingers crossed peeps! Will report back once she’s home safe and sound as a pound.

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Nice, love the simple fixes, Carry a spare fise for a bit in case it pops again. If it does you'll need to track down the cause.

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