1973 CB500K2 Forks on a CB750? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?


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Just as the subject says:

Will a set of forks from a 1973 CB500K2 fit, which I think will.

More importantly are they strong enough?

They appear to be. Has anyone experienced this setup yet?

Thanks for all replies.


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Yes, the forks will fit the trees and the wheel, assuming it's the k5 cb750 in your sig you are talking about.

It will lower the front end.


~~~If it ain't raining, I'm riding~~{iii}?~~prost~
The lowering is what I'm going after.....................Thanks.

I was concerned of the strength of them. I know of swapping 550 onto them, and when I bought these I thought I was getting 550 forks as they were advertized.

They appear to be standard forks from the outside, but the innards show them as 500 forks. When I looked at that parts schematic.

Thanks for the input. Guess it's time to fill 'em with fluid and see how they feel installed.

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