1973 CL350 front end recommendations...


So I have this 73 CL350 that I've been tinkering with for some time. It was given to me many years ago and I got it running and gave it to my son when he graduated college. He cut his teeth riding this and went on to bigger and better bikes. He gave it back to me, so I tore it down with the intent to modernize a few things. Well now my youngest daughter will be graduating college next spring and has expressed a very strong desire to start riding. My plan is to modernize this bike (electrics, suspension and brakes) and give it to her when she graduates. Part of plan that is to upgrade the front from a drum brake set up to a hydraulic disc set up, either single or dual.

My question is what front end will easily swap to make this upgrade? I've been doing some research, but wanted to hear some suggestions from those with experience in building these bikes.



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I put a 69 CL350 front end on my 76 CB360. So guessing al the 350s would be the same.

Far as I know any CB360 or CB400F Disk brake front end might fit right in.
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