1975 CB360 Top End Fried


1970 Cb350 2008 Ducati Sport 1000
I was wondering if anyone might have an extra cb360 top end...rocker arms, valves, cam, head, etc. the whole shabang as one package for sale? The oil ports became clogged and fried the top end. Thanks!
You're actually not the first (or second) person I've heard with this issue. You may have a time locating something. Best of luck man.
Post some pictures
What mods did you do?
What rpm do you usually ride at?
Have you lowered the gearing to improve acceleration?
It's no good putting a fresh top end on it unless you know why the original failed (someone blocked oil ways with silicon sealer?)
It would be a good idea to strip it all the way down and clean everything out, then fit new gaskets
same problem with the kick start about a month left to ride this sucks, the worst part is never split motor before should be fun
Actually it is pretty straight forward. Take the motor out, split your side cases, remove clutch plates and basket and oil filter. Flip the motor upside down on your work bench and split your bottom case. You are probably gonna have a broken rachet plate guide. Pretty common with this bike. Thats what was wrong with mine. I bought one used on ebay for 10 bucks. Good luck!
I've done it twice now on other people's bikes haha.. (mysta2 and Replica66)... I'm about to be doing it with kzpokey's Winston build as soon as her oil seals come in. I recommend (by way of Replica66) you replace those seals.
i just split mine and found that on the end of the rod the c clip was gone so it all pushed off i guess. have anybody seen that happen? also on the serial # on motor how do i know what year it is? sounds stupid but i thank the po lied about motor said its a 1968 cl 350. sorry so long thanks
I have welded up the cam bearing bores and remachined them before. That seemed to be common on 360's. If you have a friend that is a welder or machinest, you could have part of the problem repaired in short order.
I have a 360 head and cover with cam and rockers, but no valves, springs or retainers. One of the cam lobes is pitted and its corresponding rocker as well. The rest is in average shape but will need work at a machine shop. Let me know.
cb 400 t said:
same problem with the kick start about a month left to ride this sucks, the worst part is never split motor before should be fun

There isn't anything complicated inside motor.
I've done enough that I can fully strip and re-build 360 from running with busted tensioner to running with new race cam chain+ tensioner in about 10 hrs (yeah, crank out)
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