1975 RD125 Build

Pulled apart the wheels to start working on the hubs. If it fits in the lathe, it's much easier to polish. Plus I went a little crazy and turned off the ridges in the center of the hubs. (hope they had some safety margin built into those things)

The ridges are for strength and to some degree cooling. When you hit the brakes, the hub encounters a lot of force. Maybe someone can chime in, but I would be concerned. Not only did you remove the ridges, but maybe the hub wall is a bit thinner too.
There's a steel liner in the hub, so I wouldn't be too concerned with strength. Cooling, however, may have been affected...
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Newreardiscbrake004.jpg image by 50garyThis is as much a question as a statement, I think the drum brake liner material is cast iron? I'm doing my second my second Honda CX500 drum to disc bake conversion and the Honda is cast iron.
Cheers 50gary


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