1975 RD200B for sale in Wa state


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I need to make room in my tiny garage and this RD has to go! I bought it as a parts bike last year and it was too good to part out so I got it running, then I found a spare engine for sale nearby.
Then I thought I could build a bike to race in that vintage 125 national class that allows 200cc air cooled engines but then reality knocked on my door.
Anyhoo this bike runs but needs the original airbox to let it rev out. Otherwise it’s missing the original oil tank side cover. I got one off an earlier model and painted it with a close blue but there are ones on eBay of the right model year. It starts off the button and runs but won’t rev past 6,000 rpm’s usually. I replaced the left crank seal and put the best barrels and pistons I had with the spare engine etc, replaced the points and condensers, went through the wiring (my occupation) and got whatever lights, turn signals that were needed.
$950 includes spare engine and other odds and ends


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