1976 CB550 Scrambler - Project Warpig


Well I figured I should start a build thread in hopes that it will keep me motivated to finish in a timely manner.

Anyway, I wanted to build a bike that I could ride most anywhere: around town, long highway hauls, backroads, gravel and even some dirt. The only "logical" bike to me was another CB550. I have my '74 cafe project (see link below-still in pieces) and sold a 76' CB550 SS to buy my current daily - 2006 SV650. To me the 550 is a great bike, a good mix between the 350 and 750. Not really an ideal candidate for a scrambler but that's why I like it. I want it to be ready for anything that can be thrown at it and it's heavy ie : Warpig.

Over the past 3 years I have slowly accumulated parts (some for my other build that will be used) and got some great deals recently to begin this project. I plan to keep the frame mostly stock and a stock reliable motor. Suspension will be a CB750 front end (1.5" taller than stock 550 front end) and taller Hagons on the rear to compensate. I plan to fab some sort of rear rack for gear long with sidebags/panniers that can be removable.

Trying to get this built by May (no pressure)

Enough blab....here is the start

Picked up a frame for cheap locally (sourced a second for cheap as well and will be using it)

Built a second rolling workstand so I could keep both projects going, store parts and roll away when not in use. Also, in the top right of this pic is the motor. Yes, it is currently smurf blue (not for long).

Picked up a tank and seat locally and the frame pictured, along with carbs, fender, and headlight bucket for $80

In the background is my '74 550 Cafe project that has been in the same state for 3 years or so.

Here is a mockup with the CB750 front (stock rear) and the wheels. Tires will be swapped for Heidenau K60 Scouts

I will update more this weekend.


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I dig where this is going, and I love that I wasn't the only person who thought a gs450e tank would look awesome on a cafe 550


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Looking good, Andrew! Are those still my forks on your 74'? Can't remember what else you got from me that year at VMD.


GV1390 said:
Looking good, Andrew! Are those still my forks on your 74'? Can't remember what else you got from me that year at VMD.
Actually the CB750 front I got from you is going on this build! The '74 has stockers for now.

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watching. these builds make me kinda wish I didn't pawn my 550 project off on justinlonghorn. then I get over it haha


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Indie kids are weird. I hear the definition of adventure is taking inappropriate equipment to out of the way places though so this should be fun to watch.


Didn't get as much done as I had hoped this weekend. Spent a lot of time working on our laundry room and half-bath remodel.

I managed to get the carbs broke down and will be soaking them tonight. Carb rebuild kit came in along with an All Balls fork seal kit. My Sonic Springs should be in this week and then I can rebuild/refresh the front end

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Well per usual I suck at keeping build threads updated. Also, am lazy and haven't made as much progress as I should.

Got all of my suspension bits in...front end has new sonic springs, cartridge emulators, fork seals and Preload adjusting fork tube caps. Also got my rear shocks in and mocked up. I raised the rear up to 14" using Hagons with 110lb springs.

Mocked up the rear fender as well. I have a stock grab bar that I like but it is slightly bent. I plan to build side racks for panniers and may just go ahead and fab a new grab bar that will be integrated with the racks.

I plan to get the engine in the frame this weekend and figure out what shape it's in. The PO said it ran so hopefully it won't take too much work, then I can remove the blue.

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Loooooong over-do for an update...

A few weeks ago Tifun came by and we got the blue motor mounted in the frame (and smashed my finger, thanks Keith)

Replaced the alternator/stator with a spare I had (most of my spares come from my 74 cafe I built a few years back...you can see it in pieces in some of the pictures...someday)

The PO, besides having poor taste in engine color, had the starter wired with an 8ga wire or something huge. Swapped it and the oil pump and drained the oil in the motor. And drank lots of beer

At Barber, last fall, I picked up used set of KLR bars for $10 at the swap. Drilled/cut slots to run the wires internally and then took them to the Handy Hut (Keith's) to blast them. They woudn't fit in his powder oven so I opted for Rustoleum Textured black and sprayed them. Turned okay for a scrambler/daily bike.

The Hoodcats are coming over tonight for bike night (that's where we sit and drink in the garage) and hopefully can get the valves checked, mount exhaust and carbs and work on wiring.


Progress is being made. Swapped the wiring harness from my 74 and hooked it up, exhaust is mounted, carbs will be on today, rear brake is setup-ish and other little small things. Still need to purchase a few items...taillight, grips, battery, mufflers, stem bearings, and brake rebuild kits.

I hope to have it running within the next week and then I can go back through a clean stuff up, like no more blue engine. Also, have to fab up front and rear fenders and if time, saddlebag frames and a rear rack. Lots to do!!

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