1976 CB750 possible part out

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Sitting on a 1976 CB750 with a stuck engine (it sat for a few years). I'm in the third round of trying to free it with penetrating oil and rocking it in a high gear, but if this last attempt doesn't work, It's gotta go as I have other stuff to work on. If that's the case -- any interest?

Engine has 12,500 miles. Top end looks a little weathered from sitting but bottom end looks clean. Points cover in good shape, kicker cover has some rust. Willing to part out if need be as well.

Exhaust is factory 4-4. One pipe has been JB welded, another might have some rust on the bottom that will break through, but they're pretty solid and would clean up on a daily rider. I'll inspect more if I pull everything obviously.

Carbs are a little weathered on the outside, but look clean in the one float bowl I pulled. Choke works.

Tank and side covers have been repainted a light blue. Tank seems to be in good shape but some rust inside. LH side cover in great shape but missing wing emblem. RH side cover has one broken tab.

Got a period Corbin-Gentry seat on it that is in really nice shape. A little rust in the pan but nothing that threatens its integrity, and the vinyl and stitching are in great shape.

Speedo and tach aren't too faded; faces still very green, orange on tips of needle is faded though. Chrome rings have some rust, but instruments look to be in great shape.

Dunno 'bout electrics, but everything is there.

I'm in Boston, and I'd be willing to let the whole thing go if anyone's interested but realize I can make a little more parting it out so it won't be dirt cheap.

Lemme know. I'm giving it 2 or 3 more days to unfreeze before I pull the plug.
No title, hence the if-it-doesn't-free-up-part-it deal. Bike's got a clean story, got it from the PO's brother, and the PO moved years ago and told him to just get rid of it.
Chicken, thanks for the speedy response on the pics, but it's not what I'm looking for :/
Good Luck with the part-out ;)
I would be very interested in the front caliper and the 4-4 exhaust. If you could pm me prices on those, I'd appreciate it!
Engine isn't freeing up, so parts are up for grabs. Got people interested in exhaust, brake, and tank. Anyone need anything else?

Front fender is decent, a little surface rust that will clean up and two small dings, one behind the forks that isn't that visible.

Gauges are in good shape, just not the chrome rings around the mounts.

Corbin seat, not a café seat, not an obnoxious king and queen seat, but a low profile 2-up seat.

Rusty luggage rack/sissy bar.

Turn signals, headlight ears, carbs, airbox, wheels, side covers, etc. PM me and lemme know what you're interested in, include your email and I can take photos. Gotta wait for a nice day to tear it down, likely Thursday.
Sorry bout the motor, but it's good news for me! Pm me prices for the front caliper and exhaust when you get a chance.
Bumping this Still have stuff from this bike. front disc, speedo hub, rear drum, carbs, forks, gauges, airbox, few other bits and pieces, lemme know what you need.
I'm in need of a rear 18" rim, do you have this still? I'll take the rear wheel from you too if you want to sell it complete and not cut up the spokes.
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