1976 Gold Wing Swamp Thing


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Picked up a part #7733 radiator hose from Napa (it has a similar shape once it's cut to the two rad hoses you need) and chopped up the bugger -



I'm also told that hooking up a garden hose to the engine block (after removing the thermostat so as to not impede flow) and flushing the bejeezus out of the cooling system in the engine block is a good idea. There's loads of sandy looking stuff in there from some product or other and I want that out. So that's next on the to-do list.

And have a litre of Prestone radiator flush in the the rad - I'll leave it in there for three days to clean out the 46 years worth of crap that's accumulated. Other than that, not much doing. My CB has been giving me fits, so I've been preoccupied trying to get the Better Devil sorted. Living up to its name that one.


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So a PO put sil8ca based coolant in there. Silica=sand. That is why your pump failed. Get that flushed good. It is great heat transfer stuff but only in systems that are designed for it. GL's are not. Folks sometimes just think coolant is coolant but it isn't all the same.


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The same hose I use. Hint; a little silicone lube (I use Dow Corning High Vacuum Grease because that is the industry I was in, plumbing grease is Ok) on the inside ends of the hoses, spouts on the radiator, thermostat housing and water pump cover allow easier installation.

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