1976 Honda 500t Chopper Project


Coast to Coast
Bought a new $550 bike today with title. Close to running & driving but not quite, owner had to sell to make rent.

Needs a little more electrical connected, clutch & throttle cables hooked up & exhaust installed... maybe a little more.

More pics to come but this was the pic from the ad (looks better here than in real life but still pretty good):



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awesome, welcome to the cb500t club. only made two years, was the 1.000.000th production bike for honda, sachiro honda actualy rode one from the factory the day it was released.... so i read lol.... and a pain to get parts for.
looking forward to see what you do with this!
Parts aren't too hard to find since it's the same engine as the 450 but a little longer stroke.

Did some rewiring and got it running yesterday. Also put the sprocket cover back on.

With the drag bars:
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