1976 Ironhead Chop


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Howdy folks, looking for a home. This seems a decent place since TCU lost all my crap.

Right, looks like I joined here five years ago. First post. Cool. What's the project? Good question. This one started out life as a 1976 HD XL 1000 aka an Ironhead. The previous mouthbreather did a HomeDepot resto job on it and it looked like this (not running) when I bought it.


A lot happened, blah blah heads redone, blah blah three rewire attempts (eff you Ultima), blah blah CV carb swap, blah blah remove points + electric ignition, blah blah exhaust fab and it got to here.


Neat and all, still didn't run because wiring (ref the POS Ultima black boxes, burned two of them that were wired correctly) and also I didn't have the timing right. More time passes, get back from eighth and final deployment, get divorced, that sticker garage fridge becomes my main house fridge in the new place, retire from the Army, buy a Triumph Thruxton (more on that as I get the feel of this forum), and am generally tired of looking at that Sporty. His name is Hambone.

I was going to rewire it again and after I pulled everything off it, I decided to just wheel him out on to the porch and teach him some manners.


Much better. And all my furniture has wheels. I mentioned divorce right?


So where are we today, two years after buying that POS.

We're at need to split the cases on the motor because broken rear motor mount bolt. Always wear safety shoes when breaking loose the compensator nut.


Ended up using an SV650 swingarm to gain additional leverage because that photo'd attempt was unsuccessful. No I don't own an SV650. You ask too many questions.

And then some mockups. '04 ZX6-R front end, Cognito triple, Triumph tank, and so on.


I am just about ready to start burning on mounting tabs for the seat, oil bag, tank mounting points, rear fender stuff and so onn. I need to pick a smaller bearing puller to get the compensator extension off the motor to continue the tear down and repair of the heart of this build. But I'm headed out of town for a little vaca and a contract gig. Turns out that "retired" is simply Latin for "unemployed". And that viper gets a lot of spousal support so I have to keep nose to the grindstone. See you cool cats around.
Dayyyyyyum......like irk said.....hellava first post.

Welcome to DTT, love those old Harley's, brother has one, chopped to, sorta.

Good start.
First thing I saw was the cooler...cool project.

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Everyone loves the cooler, I dig it.

Wish I was back home working on the bike. Up in the UP of Michigan right now. If any of you live here, I'm kind of sorry but the western edge is still a dump.
Haven't touched the Ironhead. Decided to GSXR swap my Thruxton as well. Hip deep in that right now. I figured why not? The Ironhead will look good with it, so will Ted my Triumph.


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