1976 Puch Maxi - APuchalypse Now


So last summer I picked up a CT90 for $250 and the seller tossed in a Puch Maxi for an extra $6. It's been sitting in my shop for little over a year now.

A week or two ago, my Mrs was reading up on the earthquake we're supposed to be getting in the PNW sometime in the next few decades. It's supposed to be a big one. Huge tsunami, no electricity for days, etc.

We're not really "preppers", but we don't like to be caught unawares, either.

Lemme take a step back for a second... My wife hates everything with two wheels with a passion. She's convinced herself that motorcycles are going to be the death of me and leave her raising the children alone. She really doesn't even like bicycles that much. You can imagine my surprise when she says to me last week, "You need to get that moped running and teach me how to use it. You know, in case that earthquake hits and the roads won't work for the cars."

So, as a firm believer in the magical power of gateway drugs, I decided to make this thing a priority and get her onto two wheels.

Not going to go too crazy on this one. Some basic engine mods and maybe an electronic ignition along with new offroad tires and some paniers. We'll see how it goes...

Here's how she looked when I brought her home and how she looks after three hours of work this afternoon.



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Sweeet! I like mopeds. Haven't owned one, but I have lots of friends that do. I shot a little moped video a few months back.


Wish I could find one for $6 ;D


Got a gasket kit and an oil seal kit on the way along with a new speedo drive.

I was hoping to find some bearing replacements as the bearings in the wheel hubs are loose, but it doesn't look like there's anything specific out there. I may look at something generic... We'll see.


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Just measure and go to a bearing shop. I never by motorcycle bearings, the shops have exactly the same ons for half the price.
I like your plan. With some knobbies and a set of panniers, that thing will make an excellent post-apuchalyptic supply runner, and do it in style. How much bottled water, tuna fish, and ammo do you figure it can carry? I bet a lot.

Sorry if this is already obvious, but if there's a number stamped on the bearing, just Google it and you'll find replacements.


iatethepeach said:
Sorry if this is already obvious, but if there's a number stamped on the bearing, just Google it and you'll find replacements.
No numbers on the bearings, I don't think. They're just loose balls packed in grease.


Damn... who would have thought that 15x29x7 bearings would be so hard to find.

I'm settling for 15x28x7 and MrE is gonna machine me some spacers.


No more pics yet, but I did get some more work done.

All the spokes are off the wheels and I only broke one. I was thinking about cleaning them up and reusing them, but the spoke sets for the this bike are $25, so I'll probably just go with the new stuff.

Old bearings and races have been removed from the hubs, but the freewheel is stuck. Going to take it to a local shop and see if they can make a dent in it.

I priced out a new CDI/stator kit and most of the rest of the parts I'll need.

After chatting with the crew on Facebook, I'll probably be converting from AC to DC and keeping a battery pack on the bike somewhere. Headlight will be removed and replaced with bar-mounted flash lights that run from USB. I'm trying to have things serve multiple purposes.


Got everything taken apart and piled up so I can get the correct color on the correct parts. Engine cases split. Sad to see a rusty crank. :(

Loose hardware is enjoying some time in the tumbler to get cleaned up.

New crank is a bit over $100.


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