1978 CB 550 New to me


Coast to Coast
Traded my unused acoustic electric guitar/case + $200 for a 1978 550 Sunday. Previous owner was frustrated with the overly sensitive ignition switch not working, got mad, and posted it. I called immediately and we made the guitar deal on the phone. Was at his house in 30 minutes and sealed the deal. Picked it up yesterday, fixed the ignition this morning, and will take it through inspection today 8)

I found out the ignition switch just pulls apart and the little brass pads are held in by springs. You have to keep it all pressed together while installing it. I guess he didnt hold it together because one of the brass pads was crooked so it only worked when the key was perfectly in a spot that made the crooked pad touch.

Needs a good cleaning but it's all original except for the seat and exhaust.

Running on all cylinders, all lights work, with title ;D

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Wow, great find! I'd love to find a deal like this on a smaller bike for the trophy wife. I guess we're getting to the time of the year when a lot of people will sell cheaper so they don't have to winterize and store.

So what are your intentions with this fine piece of machinery? Looks like you could just refresh the fluids and ride, do a full resto job, or... cafe it.
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