1978 CB550k shop manual and others?


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Hi all! I'm a new member here.. I have a 1978 CB550k bike that needs some work and I want to do it right. I am also completely new to mechanic-typed work. I have some knowledgeable friends who are going to help me however I need some resources.

I've tried using the site's search function to no avail so please forgive me - I'm sure this is somewhere alreAnd dy!

I am looking for a complete PDF of the shop manual for my bike including the latest addendums at the end for the various k models...

Also looking for recommendations of what else I should try to hunt down (chiltons, haynes, clymers?)

Finally, wondering if anyone knows of a relatively inexpensive source to purchase these for my garage.

Thank you all, great site!

Look for OEM and Haynes.
You also need the Honda General manual as it fills in all the gaps. (you'll have to look up exact title, can't remember much at present ;D )
Try SOHC4.net, pretty sure they have it over there as they are more specific (even if 750 tends to take precedence lot of the time)
'Everyone' knows 550 is the best of the inline 4's though
The carbs are the only real issue, can't remember what Canada had for jetting in the PD carbs but pretty sure it was way better than US and most of European models.
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