1978 CB750K


Dolor est Magister Optimus

I think it's time to let my CB750 go. She doesn't get ridden very much lately, as it's just easier to jump on the Bandit. Figured I'd give here a shot at her before I put her on FBMP.
Build thread is here... https://www.dotheton.com/index.php?threads/1978-cb750.31552/
The vast majority of the mods are all cosmetic and could be returned to original if the new owner should choose to do so. Nothing has been hacked.
Seat has been changed to a "solo style" aftermarket unit, but I still have the OEM seat in great condition. All lighting is now LED, and front brakes have been upgraded to dual disc.
Mileage is 11147, and original. Bike has been very reliable. Has been all over southeastern Louisiana, southern Mississippi, and a bunch of Birmingham Alabama.
I'll cut a good deal for a DTT member, otherwise the ask is $4000obo. Bike is located in New Orleans, LA.
This is a pic from today, so there's no fear of her current condition.


I'll get better pics this weekend when the weather is more cooperative.
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Nice, If the damn border was open I know someone looking for one. Worth a road trip for that bike.
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