1978 GS750 Cafe (First) Build


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I just picked up a GS750(first bike) a couple months ago for $800 and I want to Cafe it up a bit. Bike is in mechanically sound condition, but needed a bit of minor work. When I got it: no turn signals, no brake fluid in the rear resevoir, no high beams(but lows work), few cracks and scratches from previous owner drops, but it runs...


Found and hooked up some cheap (and temporary) turn signals so I can ride on the highway and found out the Turn Signal Relay needed to be replaced. I bought a used Turn Signal Relay off ebay and the signals stayed lit instead of blinking. Next, I bought a NEW replacement from DarkHorseMotorcycleParts on eBay @ http://www.ebay.com/usr/darkhorsemotorcycleparts. Turn signals now flash/blink as expected.

Missing brake fluid was easily replaced and bled(only rear resevoir). Pads are good and everything seems to work fine with dual front and single rear brakes.

For the high beams not working I first tried replacing the lamp since all the wires seemed to be connected correctly per the wiring diagrams I found online. The low beams work, but when switching to high beams the lights completely turn off and the high beam indicator in the guage cluster does not turn on. Since I had some dents, cracks, and scratches on the stock guages I looked for a replacements and decided on a newer aftermarket guage cluster, a Danmoto 180º Digital Cockpit. I should get the part in 10-20 days and I will check wiring again to see if there might be a lose/short wire in the guage cluster. causing my high beam issue

I also have a scraped up foot peg that needs replacing and I think I may take off the rear pegs if I can choose a good single seat.

Eventually I would like to get a new Cafe seat, smaller turn signals(maybe LED), new gauges, remove the side panels, hide the electronics and (new, smaller)battery, shorten the backend, and repaint it. I like the blue frame and was thinking black cowl/tank with some matching blue stripes.

Parts List:
-New gauge cluster: TBD
-Cafe Seat: TBD, but leaning towards a Roc City Roadracer seat (http://www.roccitycafe.com/item.php?path=store/roadracer-cafe-racer-seat)
-Footpegs: TDB
-Small Turn Signals: TBD
-Clubman Bars with Bar-End Mirrors: TBD
-Smaller, Hideable Battery: TBD

Any comments, suggestions, or questions welcomed...
Holy smokes. I just created an account here because I picked up the exact same bike (not quite as clean) and am about to start the same project. How about that. Good luck!
So... I ordered Danmoto 180º Digital Cockpit:http://www.dan-moto.com/DM_INT/danmoto-180-digital-cockpit-product-389.html

Turns out I am dumb... :-[

Since my bike has analog, cable-driven tach and speedo I need to get a different type of gauge cluster. I was really interested in a digital/LCD cluster, but I can't seem to find any that work with the cables I have instead of relying on electronic input.

Any suggestions for a decent set of gauges or a gauge cluster(with LCD or analog)?
Interested on how this turns out.
I am building a 77 gs750 now. Mine is in parts, getting the complete work over.

Advice; This frame has a step in it for a more comfortable riding position. Personally I think it ruins the cafe racer lines, but I am interested in seeing how you make YOUR bike look.

Will be watching
Hey Loose, nice choice of seat. I am planning the same for my GS.
As for gauge suggestions I am using an Acewell 2853. It does not have analog inputs but there is a converter for the speedo hub to the gauge, after that all that you need to make is a plug for the tach drive hole.
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