1978 Honda 750


Coast to Coast
Just picked up my ebay purchase. A 1978 Honda 750 with title for $550. Battery is dead but the plate is still good through april and it started on the third kick with fresh gas.

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Thanks for the comments. The bike is so nice, clean, and complete that my plan is just to keep it original. I'll remove the fairing, remove the highway pegs, get a factory seat, find side covers, and put the turn signals back on. It's not perfect but it's super nice and I think it would be a shame to do anything else with this particular bike... for now ;)

More pics:


Well I got RpBet's seat and fork ears on, pulled the headlight off a parts bike and added it, found rear turn signals on ebay, and already had some front turn signals for it. I have some reproduction side covers of original side covers but they still have to be painted so they're not on yet.

It sounds great and seems to have a lot more power than my '75 did. This thing will move!

Drove it around a little last night and then downtown today where I snapped this picture:
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