1979 Kawasaki KZ650 C3 "Blue Bessie"


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Thanks a lot guys for the flattery ;)

The bike is coming along pretty good. Slower than what I would like but I am working on the cafe as well as 3 others right now.

With just getting my PS4 today my progress may slow for a little bit ;D

veaone said:
Looking really good. More updates!

As far as updates, there isn't much but here is what I have and it is getting close. The dash/gauges are a little high in the pics and I need to fab up a bracket for them. I got the headlight on and some other things. The seat is supposed to be done soon and I'll have it on there.



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Had a little time before I went into work for my 70 hr work weeks.

Roughly fabbed up what I'm going to use for the bracket for the mono shock top. I'm going to put an angle and end piece on the one with the open end and put the shock tabs on when welding. The bottom was much easier because the knuckle connects right at the lower portion of the frame that's already there so just two tabs welded onto that and that's done.

After this I just need the rear sprocket hub machined down a bit (I think the measurement was 4.3mm but it's written down at home) and MAYBE I'll flop that engine out and just rattle can enamel the frame and reassemble before spring. This one doesn't have much work left to be done ;)




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We have a major blizzard here and I can't drive to work :'( hahaha... So I worked in the garage instead. I got the mono shock done... Here are some pictures with most of the details.

Now I'm debating whether I should tear down to clean up a little more and paint the frame this winter or no?

I am liking how it is turning out.. My seat is still unfinished but out for upholstery now.










between 8.30 and half past eight works well for me
This makes me want a kz as well.
Just reading the whole thread and it`s turning out great :D
From spaceship to a motorcycle in no time ;)
Blizzard payed of in garagetime ;)
Looking forward to see the it complete!!
Keep it up :)
Cheers Jorgen


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Looks at home on the bike. I went with the ZXR1200 swingarm and some forged 17" mags from a 929.


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Great job on the bike! If you find you need to adjust the height in the rear, I have read where some people swap out different length "dogbones", on the rear suspension, and that can raise or lower the rear end depending on their length.


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Got a welder and welded for the first time, after practice of course, on the girders for the tabs on the bottom side of the monoshock.

Painted the rear section of the frame since most of it has been changed, shaved, or added to and I don't want it to rust before I do the frame up right later.

Got new sprockets and chain mounted, I had to have a local machine shop take off 6mm from the sprocket hub even after I got the 3/8" offset front sprocket... I also bought the JT high performance X-ring chain for it. Not an o-ring. I think it lines up damn near perfectly now.

Just shoved all the electrics in the spot where I want them but the aren't organized yet. I also need to find a different battery, possibly smaller and definitely sealed. I may need to hide it sideways.

Got new levers and a new clutch line on and the sprocket cover on.

I'm sure I'm forgetting some things. It was a late night and a lot of work.

Here's some pics.







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Wow. This thing looks wild! I don't know if it's the seat or the swingarm, maybe both. It looks stretched to the max!

Good work. My first bike was a KZ. Love it.


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So, hooked up a battery to it and she fired right up!! ;D ;D ;D ;D

I still have more work to finish on it but it is small things, usually those are the ones that take the longest though unfortunately.

If you've been following the thread you know all about the bike. ;)

Here's a video:


( I can't figure out how to embed the youtube video :( )


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FINALLY!!! My seat is complete!! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

I have the carbs back off because the shitty aftermarket bowl gaskets were leaking even though my fuel level was within specs (2.5mm-4.5mm).

The fork seals need replaced, brakes gone through, and a custom mount for my dash and I think that's it to get it on the road. ;)

Anyways, here are pictures of the seat sitting on it. ;D ;D





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Ok, Been awhile so I'm going to bomb you with some photos and the bike running now.

It is finished and I'm going to ride it tomorrow. If plans stay and it doesn't freaking rain :mad:

I mocked up my electronics tray with cardboard then bent some aluminum to make the finial draft.

Got band new Michelin shoes.

rebuilt the forks and in the process one of the bottom bolts came free with the impact faster than I thought I it spilled on the floor. They were about half as full as they needed to be at 7oz and it was very very nasty... I've tried about 5 different brands of fork seals and this time I used all balls. Not impressed at all with KS, K&L, and bike master. OEM ones are nice if you can find them at all let alone a decent price.

I had to cut the sprocket cover in three places, one due to the FZR1000 swing arm, and to for the offset x-ring chain rubbing where it flairs inwards.

Used a CRF450 rear brake reservoir to conceal and conserve space and it turn out VERY nicely. I had to custom weld and make brackets for me to be able to actually use it though. ;D (clearances are SUPER TIGHT!!)













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