1979 RD 250 E


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I've had this bike since I was 17 and did a full resto a while back, it's indoors because I have too many in my garage at the moment, I can never bring myself to sell them when I finish.
Love the 2 smokers. I had a ~74/75 RD250, then a brand new '76 RD400c. Sold it in '79 and wished for another for decades. Last summer saw a rolling basket case on Marketplace and drove 340 miles to get it. Back on the road and running great now. Repainted in the Geneva Green my old one was. They are a blast to ride short distances, but my 69 year-old back doesn't like them as much as the 25 year-old one did.
Nothing like the rattle and smell of a two stroke, I'm 17 again when I ride it, same gear and left hand hovering over the clutch. My builds are all documented in the link in my sig, unfortunately this site uses a colour almost undetectable for links.

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