1980 GS550E + 2000 Katana 750

scott s

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Got the washers for the petcock screws installed and got the tank back on. Adjusted the clutch a little bit and HOLY HELL, this thing will fly!!

There's a tiny bit of low speed blubber or stumble. I can probably attribute that to the pods. But it's minor enough that I think I can get used to it and learn to work around it with the throttle.

I still need to pull the sprocket cover and check the neutral switch wires. I'd like to have that figured out before the first oil change, just so I can have one on hand if I need to replace it.


scott s

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Still have this one, still not on the road.

I definitely have some carb tuning/fuel delivery work ahead of me.
When riding at normal speeds, part throttle, I could feel a sort of surging. I figured the pilot jets and/or mixture screws needed tuning. It pulls like a banshee up top, but will sometimes stall after a WOT run. Running out of gas, maybe?

I was starting it weekly until I could get to the dyno, and now it won't start. I have spark, so I suspect the vacuum petcock may have failed. There is no PRIME position on this one. I know how to check it....just need to do it. I got really burned out.

I used a DynoJet Stage III kit and went with their 140 main jets (which they measure differently that Mikuni does), their needles and set the mixture screws to 2.5 turns out. I DID NOT drill and tap the slides for the plugs they use. I'm told that's only to slow down the rate of the slides raising.
Knowing what I know now, I would have gone with an assortment of Mikuni jets or the Factory Pro kit.

Plus, the choke cable came loose from the carbs. I need to have one made that is about 2-3" longer. Who does that? Motion Pro?

Any suggestions for a low profile, non vacuum petcock?


Oh the usual... I bowl, I drive around...
Motion pro does custom cables. but not cheap or fast. look at a bandit 6 or 12 for possible cable replacement. Despite what many people say its possible to get CV carbs to work well with pod filters, i suspect there are several issues in the carbs making it hard to diagnose your problem. Have you done any plug chops? Getting on a Dyno makes it dead easy with a good operator. What does your current petcock look like? screw on or bolt on?
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scott s

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Dyno tuning was on the to-do list when the bike decided to take a nap.

The petcock bolts on with two screws, about 44mm apart.

The DynoJet kit only came with needles and mains. I feel like a needle adjustment is in order. I also think the pilot jets could be changed, but I can't find crap for info about the pilot circuit or jet sizes and it's been a while since I was in the carbs. Don't remember what it looked like or what size they were (the pilot jets).

No plug chops yet.....nearly impossible to pull a plug without removing the tank. That engine is shoehorned in there!

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