1980 Yamaha SR250 Swing Arm Tight


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Swing arm is very stiff if torqued to 47lbs which I believe is the spec. Took it off, greased it. Bushings looked good so I put it back in.
Still very stiff. To my knowledge, swing arm should fall on its own weight. Anybody run into this and solve the issue? Thanks!
You need to shim the internal bearing spacer. Sometimes it make take several shims to allow the pivot to torque on the internal sleeve rather than the external sleeve.
Screen Shot 2023-02-17 at 5.44.01 PM.png
Well, I added a second shim and it got tighter. These are not new bushings and I'm starting to think they may be worn. They don't seem to extend out enough on either side of the right side. I really don't know. Please see attached pictures. I am putting the shims into the right outside cap. That seems correct based on the parts diagram. Thanks for the help!


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looking closer it appears that the factory shim is there to take up the slop of the swingarm external sleeve. you need a shim to space out the internal sleeve. So the shim you need has to have the same internal/external diameter to effectivly lengthen the internal sleeve. Try removing both of the shims and see what happens. You may need a new internal sleeve if you cant find shims to match the internal sleeve.
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