1982 CB750F...Better Devil

Popping my Barber cherry will have to wait another year. Weather took a dive this week so the bike’s under wraps - if things cheer up a bit then I’d like to take it to the F1 circuit here in Montreal for a few laps. It’s the Gilles Villeneuve circuit built in on an island just off Montreal, very cool that you can ride/drive around it whenever you like, more or less. 40kmph speed limit sadly, but that doesn’t stop Murray Walker commentating on my exceptional overtaking skills in my head.
High time to wrap this one up. I mean I kinda did that already, but things are definitely final now. Ended up slinging the bike on kijiji in October just to see what gives - with very little expectations of shifting a bike at that time of year I couldn't believe my ears when a month later a guy gets in touch from Toronto and asks if I'm interested in trading. Not really, but what you got? 2016 Triumph Bonneville T120. Ah, go on then. So packed up this -


sold the Montreal apartment, moved to the Ontario sticks, and unpacked this -


Quite the upgrade. Never owned anything this new, this cool, or this outstanding. Pure motorcycling enjoyment. Can't get the smile of my face when I'm barrelling around Prince Edward County on the back of this thing. So, adieu to the Better Devil - you fucking fought the good fight that's for sure.
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