1982 Honda CB900F “Holly”


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Cool, good to know. I'll focus on the carbs then, I suspect something is a little off w/ cylinder one. I noticed the header on cyl one is less blue at the flange than the other three. Or maybe 2-4 are running hot.


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colder pipe can be fueling. I think I said earlier on my GL I had one cylinder with 0 fuel, it was as simple as the float needle seat being about 1 mm proud and the retainer being slightly bent causing the needle to foul and wouldn't open to let in fuel. So float height, plugged jets, sticky slide all can act like ignition issues LOL.


Fat man on a little bike
Playing with the floats and hoping to get a response before the carbs are back on...
Seems like the float heights are all super high. The manual I have lists 14mm for the CR, but I’m in the 20s and the float doesn’t sit even close to level at the point where it engages the pin on the float valve. Here’s a before and after of the tab, this is what I had to do to get 14mm just on the edge of the float closest to the float valve.




Is this too extreme or am I on the right path?


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Those float pivots sure were bent and twisted.

Before you fit the carbs back on the bike, check the FUEL levels on all 4. Float height is the substitute to get fuel level close, but I found that floats are rarely the same in terms of how they float - especially old brass ones, which you fortunately do not have to work with.


Fat man on a little bike
Well, the carbs are back on the bike and my problem seems to be fixed! Still idles good, runs good around town, will rip up to the ton getting on the highway, and will cruise at 75 easily and I can accelerate from there without issues.
Teazer, how do I check the fuel level cs float height?

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