1983 GS650 leaking gas out of carb intakes


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Hey everybody, I just joined the site but used it a ton during my last build. I put a 650 top end on a 550 bottom following the trail blazed by others, and it went surprisingly well; the bike has tons of power now. The problem I'm having is in my 650 carbs. I rebuilt them with new gaskets and the appropriate main jets for my set up, and they spew gas out the hole in the intake linked to the main jet. I've adjusted the level to well beyond what it should be, and replaced the seats and needles with a good set, but it still leaks. Everything has been cleaned and recleaned as well. This leads me to believe its the floats, but I don't have a great way of seeing what the floats are doing with the bowls on. Any help would be much appreciated, as I made the mistake of doing my first start with points iginition (my dyna gave out after 20 years) and caught the bike on fire. Currently I leak more gas than I burn, and the carbs load up so badly I either idle around, or hold on for dear life at full throttle. I searched around before I posted as well, and as far as I can tell no one has had this problem to the extent my carbs have. Thanks for any help


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Did you replace the o rings on the float valve seats? If they are shrivelled or torn gas will pour in to the bowls and floats wont stop it.


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Do change the o rings, and complete float valve assemblies. You will never get them to seal when they start leaking.

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