1983 Honda 750 Nighthawk

Can you bolt the whole assembly onto the bottom of your seat pan?

Watch out for clearance issues with the plate (and holder) and your rear wheel. On my first build I didn't factor enough clearance in and ended up with a busted taillight and chewed up plate. I had a hard time finding those P clamps Maritime's talking about but eventually found them at Princess Auto, in case you end up going that route -


- they sell them in a bunch of different sizes

Yes, that's an option too. I gotta get out to the garage and do some more thinking

The clearance should not be an issue, becuase my seat is much longer than yours, so what ever i stick on the back, will hang further back than it did on yours. One of the benefits of my long seat haha.
Ended up just welding a tab on the frame, bolting on a light and will add a plate mount below it. Simplest solution for now.

I went with a tab as it gives me the option of bolting whatever size light bracket I want later if I go with a different light

Plate will act as a bit of a fender or "spray shield"

If I change my mind I have to welds to grind off and go another way.


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Very nice bracket! I have lost my plate not once but twice lol. My bike is all a bit tight on various clearances.
I had TIM move a couple of threads into this one as i never had a "build thread" so things are a bit out of order .... its' the best i can do for now:

Took the shocks apart and repainted. They seemed to work fine so i kept them (for now).
The springs were very difficult to sandblast. Whatever process Honda used in the 80s to chrome those is pretty damn good.

putting them together was not easy either, having to be careful not to chip any of the paint - Even left the paint for 2 weeks to cure.


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The 4-1 exhaust from the donor 750c was a vast improvement in looks over 4-4.

Had to cut off the mount and make a new one for this bike. Bit ugly with a stick welder, but it's all i have


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