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This project needs an introduction as per who is involved, the theory of the build, and what is hoped to be achieved. Stick around if you can make it thru it, and feel free to comment and chime in, we welcome opinions and comments.

We picked this bike up almost a year ago, and it was originally started/modified on the CustomerFighters forum.(The original thread is still available under the 2012 fighter build-off forum) We showed up to what was supposed to be a running bike that just needed minor things, but came home with a bike that had no key and was basically just a rolling chassis. Many pieces were broken, including the rear mono-shock and mono-shock swingarm tabs, most the lights/lenses, no side covers, etc. This didn't bother us, as this would be our 9th Suzuki we've picked up over the past two years. It was $400, and came with a clean title. The only thing that really mattered to me in the build. We're used to what is wrong with these bikes(specifically the GS line bikes more so than the GR Tempter) and what people do to these poor old bikes over the years. Sad/shoddy stuff in most cases.

There are 3 of us involved in this build, and we each have our own areas designated. I(Will) do all the welding and most of all the fabrication. I also do the body work/prep/paint. My brother(Jason) helps with fabrication, but his main designation for this project was the wiring. He proved his confidence by pulling the whole d*mn harness out a couple days into the build. My father(Bill) is the rebuilder/engine man, with a 'masters' in carb rebuilding and tuning. He has already adjusted the valves, replaced the valve cover gasket, completed rebuilt and sync'd the carbs as well as a few other minor things necessary for it to run well when its time to fire her off. (He is currently Restoring a 1983 Tempter GR650 to stock condition that we will side-by-side for photos when we're finished) There is a lot more 'story' to where we've come from just 2 years ago to where we are now with building these bikes, but it would involve a few more paragraphs, and I'm sure no one is that interested in our story haha.

As for what I'm hoping to achieve with this project: I'm building a bike that the GR would never have been, and out of few truly modified/cut Tempters, it'll be one of a kind. This bike will utilize NO modern technology. I believe in building this bike using what it already has, and only using parts and materials from bikes/materials that existed the same year the bike was manufactured, thus, this could have been built in 1983.

The end result is hopefully a GR that looks much more modern than 1983, yet as simple as possible in components/wiring/lighting, etc. so as to make the bike look almost like a toy rather than a fully functioning motorcycle.

Still here? Here come the pictures! These pictures are from where we started and left off as of last March 2012. Any posts following after this introduction will be where we've picked back up on the project as of October 1st, 2012.











This is where the bike left off on CustomFighters. It was put in storage for about 6 months. Before being put aside, we finished modifying the all new rear frame with trellis work, as well as stretching the swingarm 6 inches, a total of 7 including where it pushed the wheel back. The swingarm and frame where both welded using sleeves prior to new tubing/material so as to keep the bikes strength.

The next post will show the all sheet-metal seat pan I built with the use of my metal break, a hammer, and welding. My brother did the math on the layout of the main "cap" and used the break to make it. I used 1/2" wide flat stock as trim for the sides of the pan to give it a "factory" look. The tank is from a Suzuki 450.

If you have any questions regarding the project or how we did something, feel free to ask. The new posts will have break-downs of what it is and how we did it.
Finally! :D

Looks good so far of course. How's your dads bike coming along?
Hey Rich! Yep, we're finally back on this project and back on DTT. Father's bike is coming along well, his new rods came in the other day, so I think he plans starting motor reassembly next week.

Here are a few updates from tonight. We cleaned up the rear frame work, and found a few spots that need welding that were forgotten about. I got some work done on the seat pan last night and today, and I started finalizing the bracing/welding on the swingarm. We threw some black paint on one side of the frame to get an idea of how this thing's going to look. Enjoy! Updates on Thursday.





Finished welding all of the swingarm stretch bracing, cut/bent support gussets, tacked gussets in place, and started verifying proper chain, brake torque arm, and other clearance issues. Looks like we'll only have to modify the rear drum pivot arm that attaches to the brake pedal! Also finished most of the seat pan welding, but currently have it on the frame for exact fitment prior to final welding.






Stay tuned for more updates!

Coming next: Finalizing swingarm modifications and starting on the custom body panels (that will go inside the trellis-styled custom frame backhalf).

The first few photos show the 4 frames we built for the tail section of the bike. Built from 1/8" thick, 3/4" wide flat stock. Built on our metal table to ensure they stayed straight up and flat.

The last few photos show the finished tubing work on the swingarm. Some final welding is necessary but the tubing work is figured out and complete. Modifications to the brake arm and torque arm will be necessary, but simple.

Next updates should show the complete sheet-metal tail panels. Tail panel mounting tabs, tank mounting tabs, and finished seat pan are to follow. An under-belly will be made for the rear tail section. The electronics will be located in this area, as I plan to make this bike as "bare" as possible.










Nothing major today. I finished all the welding on the swingarm and buffed them down a little. Sprayed the swingarm with some black can paint just as a temporary cover until final breakdown/assembly. Everything will be cleaned up a second time prior to getting primed and painted. Swingarm will probably be removed a few more times depending on what we run into with the rear brake and torque arm.

We are considering adding a third panel/an additional tube towards the front. This would block more of the center, helping hide where the battery and electronics will be. Hoping to move towards the exhaust in about a week. Will update as the tail panels come along. I am considering building my own mufflers for this project.

IMAG2650 by Chimera Moto Works, on Flickr

IMAG2652 by Chimera Moto Works, on Flickr

IMAG2654 by Chimera Moto Works, on Flickr

IMAG2658 by Chimera Moto Works, on Flickr

Alright, been a couple days, and may be another couple days before I get to post any progress. We have a Kawi 1000 frame/rolling chassis coming into the garage tomorrow evening to have a hard-tail kit welded up.

Three of the four side panels have been built. These two pictures are showing how the panels will look on the bike. They're currently held in place with clamps, and during final fabrication will be centered between the trellis area as evenly as possible.

It's hard to tell, but you can also see the new tube addition to the rare frame work, near where the end of the tank sits. We will be building a third panel for that area also. This will eliminate being able to see much if any of the battery and electronics. Keep in mind, when this bike is done, I want it to have a feel as if its almost a toy. Just the necessities to make it legal/rideable, bright and obnoxious.

IMG_20121017_165445 by Chimera Moto Works, on Flickr

IMG_20121017_165458 by Chimera Moto Works, on Flickr

Still waiting on others to chime in with positive or suggestive criticism.
You TN cats are crazy. It looks fast sitting there. I like the panels. Gotta show off your frame work. Keep it up.
Finally! The second page........every time I tried to reply on the first, it would crash my browser.

Looking good man!
Hey guys! Thanks a lot for the comments/support. It really does help motivate me and fuel me to build this bike. I wanted to wait to reply until I had an update, but it may be a day or two. A customer dropped off that KZ900 to have it hard-tailed, so that'll push things back a little bit on the tempter. I have built the 4th side panel, I just need to weld/surface the edges of it. I really hope to have the additional panel for each side built by the end of the weekend so I can focus back on the exhaust. I am hoping/highly considering building by hand my own mufflers for this bike with the use of our metal break and slip roller. We'll see how well that works out haha.

Thanks again guys. I am also trying to help generate a little traffic to the Fight Club forum with this build. Not many Active projects on this forum. I could've kept it on CustomFighters, built I do enjoy the community here more. (No offense, just great guys/party animals here on DTT)


We may not have a chance to work on the fighter project again for a week or two, we have to move our attention to a KZ900 hardtail project for a customer. (We will make a build thread of this project in the bobber forum - we are only doing the hardtail/fab work, not the full bike build.) So we took the opportunity today to put the new tube in for the front frame work on the other side, and built, welded, and smoothed out the third panel for the bike.

Hope you guys enjoy the shape this bike is now taking. Will update soon with all 6 finished panels and will be moving towards making the under-belly pan and hand building/fabricating the mufflers for this bike!








The tempter is back on the building to-do list! Now that we've moved into our new shop, I'm bringing her back!

It took 30 minutes today at the new shop just to figure out where sh*t was so that I could actually start working on it again.

Today, we made mounts for all three right-side body panels(think side covers) as well as mounting tabs and bolts for the seat pan.

Floating side covers! With the help of my brother, we got the side covers and seat mounted today as well as some additional welding that i've needed to touch on since I neglected it back in October.

The side cover mounts were a simple design I came up with by bending 1/4" dowel rod 90 degrees and welding a washer in the middle of the dowel rod. I then put it in position on the frame and welded it on, used bolts and sandwiched them into place through the washer tab and then welded the bolt to the edges of the 1/8" body panel frames.

To the pictures!






I have one body panel to finish on the left side and one more to fabricate for the left side which is what I'll be doing next.

Modifications to date: Replaced swingarm shock assembly with a new one. Stretched swingarm 7". Custom additional support tubing welded to swingarm. Lots of custom framework and additional bars added and extended to frame. Right side body panels and mounts. Seat mounts. Custom hand built seat. Lowered slightly in the front. Wiring harness completely removed...etc. etc. Carbs already rebuilt, valves adjusted, valve cover replaced, forks rebuilt, etc.

Modifications still required: Tank mounts. Left side body panels. Clean up A LOT of the frame work to prep for paint. Left side body panel mounts. Wiring harness modifications. Custom exhaust still to be built. Clip-on bars....headlight...extended length chain...motor clean up. Oil pan replacement or repair. Rear break linkage....etc. etc.

Goal for finished bike: December 12, 2014 - my birthday.
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