1985 Honda Nighthawk CB700sc Scrambler



Firstly, a notice to all detractors:

Yes, I know I “ruined” a classic bike.

Yes, I know I will never be able to recoup all of the money I have put into the build…that was never the point/goal.

That being said here is my story:

I purchased a 1985 Honda CB700sc for $1000.00 back in April 2016 as a birthday present to myself. I have always wanted one, but only rode a little in high school and thought it was time as I was going through the standard woes of a divorce and needed to keep my mind busy.

It had oil leaks and being a meticulous/picky personality I had to tear into it with new gaskets. Well…one thing led to another. Since I had it apart I cleaned every nut, bolt, and part with a toothbrush, degreasers, and solvents until it shined. Those parts that couldn’t be polished I sanded and repainted or replaced and bought new bolts when needed.

I decided to make it fit better for me and my short legs so I did a fork conversion from a Yamaha R6 and wanted a larger than stock 16” wheel in the back so did a conversion with an ’82 Sabre rear wheel swap. I custom made a new seat from scratch and totally re-wired the electrical system with MotoGadget components (m-unit, m-button).

Finished it off with a custom paint job on the tank.

There are still a few things to do to finish (speedo, mirrors, mount license plate…) but here it is to date.

Plus a little time lapse video showing progression.


It took 5 months of cleaning, painting, designing, test fitting, knuckle scrapes, waiting for parts and I spent the whole summer with it torn apart. I missed my goal of getting it done by the September 2016 Oyste[/url]r Run and only got to ride it a few times before the weather turned bad. But I have to say that this bike was the best therapy I could have done for myself at an emotional time in my life and has been instrumental in my health recovery.
I’ve slowly added missing things this spring and am almost done. Just need some custom fenders.

Before and after:



You didn't ruin a damn thing, thats a sweet ride you got there now go rip it up!


Thanks Clem!

It's been a hoot to ride and the weather has finally turned here in the Seattle area!

I think i fixed the link to the video now.


With the 82 Sabre wheel what all was required to swap? I am building from an 84 cb700sc and looking to go to 17" rims too. Nice work!


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That's a rather splendid outcome if I may say? :)

You didn't ruin a classic, but you did build a cool ride which you should thoroughly enjoy.

I'd be tucking the headlamp back a touch so it's a little tighter to the speedo (minor cosmetics) and maybe a dash of gold on the rear shocks to tie in with the rather nice front USDs :)

Guards are a must in my book.....I made these used alloy guards work on my build by making my own mounts...turned out nice.

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