1986 Honda Rebel... the wifes bike.


Dolor est Magister Optimus
As some of you may recall, I picked up a 1986 Rebel from a buddy about two months ago. He picked it up off of CL a few months before that. The bike was/is complete, with only 368 miles on the clock. However, it had been sitting for several years. The carb was not attached to the bike, and came (in pieces) in a ziplock baggie. Well, after thouroughly cleaning the carb, and reassembling it with fresh rubber parts, she purrs like a kitten. One oil change later, and a few adjustments, and the wife is learning to ride!
This is the pics my buddy sent me...


This is a few shots I took once I got her home. Filthy, but basically all there...




This is after a few hours with some Brillo pads, and Meguires Swirl Remover...


And this is the wife during her first lesson...

Now... me, with a need to tinker, couldn't leave well enough alone. I started to modify :D
I hated the location of the stock taillight, so I decided to do something about it. I took a 6"x2" oval LED taillight and fitted it below the fender, for a cleaner look. I need to remake the mounting bracket though. The first one seems to have fallen into "prototype" status :)
Mounted, Running light, Brake light...



I also removed the tabs from the top of the fender, and the strap from the seat. All holes will get filled for a smoothed fender top. The passenger seat will be able to be fitted back on when/if necesary.

More to come. I'm not done yet :D
Aetsh said:
Beautiful ride! Lube that chain!

+1 -- and all the cables, while you're at it. Nice first bike...they're pretty well bulletproof, and good-looking, besides.
Actually, the chain is so new, to get the rust off, You can soak it in kerosene (in a coffee can or so) over night, then the next day, you can hit it with a wire brush (like a metal bristle brush for the grill) and it will look BRAND NEW.

Hit it with some good oil/lube and it will be perfect, and look mint for years to come!
Hey thanks for the suggestion! I had actually oiled the chain already (since the pics were taken), but the kerosene idea sounds like a winner ;)
While very long overdue, I've picked up work on the wifes Rebel.

I got the rear fender off and had the old taillight, wiring harness, and reflector holes filled. Also, with the fender off, I can make a proper taillight bracket for the new LED setup. I've also started polishing the valve, clutch, and stator covers. And will be painting the engine black. I swapped the stock handlebar for the one that came on my DS7. It looks and feels muuuuch better, but I'm still on the lookout for something with a lower rise.



More to come...
uhhhhhh is there a build going on here? oooohhh avatar drool :eek: between your avatar and the one of the naked ass walking on a treadmill who needs internet porn. looks good. We just picked up a cb 350 for jenn today.
thompsonmx100 said:
uhhhhhh is there a build going on here? oooohhh avatar drool :eek:

That's it... I'm changing my avatar. Maybe something with puppies :p
Makin' a little progress.
Did a mild polish job on the case and valve covers, and painted the engine.

From this...

To this...

thompsonmx100 said:
Did you disassemble the engine to paint it? keep it up.
Yes and No... The the covers came off, but the rest was masked or covered and it was rattle canned in the frame. I'm not trying to build a show bike, just a good 20/20 bike ;) ;D
Been doin some long overdue things.

It made it up on the table a while back.

Updating it to the late model side covers necessitated fab'ing a battery clamp.

Removed the OEM turnsignals, and replaced/relocated the fronts here.

New tires and painted the wheels.

Cleaned up some wiring, replaced/updated some electrical components, painted or polished a few things.

Cleaned up the seat. (rear seat shown for a "before" reference)

Got the tins back.

Fab'd mounts for the late model side covers.


Fab'd a mount for the new taillight location, and wired the taillight.

And here she currently sits, waiting on a new fuel tap to arrive tomorrow.
Maritime said:
Looks great, bout time it got some table time LOL.
Thanks :)
It's seen the table a few times over the past couple of years. I've just been pushing more recently to get her done.
Fuel tap got installed, had to deal with a stuck clutch pack (from sitting), and a slight clearance issue with the front fender (differences in manufacturer sizing I guess), but after a few shakedown runs around the block, it's is now plated and road ready.
Now it's up to the wife to decide if she's still interested in riding it.
If so, there will be a few minor upgrades coming soon.
If not, it'll be listed in the For Sale forum.
Either way... stay tuned ;)
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