1986 Kawasaki KDX 200 (No Title - Runs as it should)


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I have a 1986 Kawasaki KDX 200 For Sale $1,000 OBO. I don't have the title but the bike runs and drives as it should. Cracked rear fender and welded up kickstand. Front head light doesn't work but it could just be a bulb. I never tried to troubleshoot it. I'm in western Pennsylvania 15332. I don't have it listed for sale anywhere else right now. I figured I'd post it up here first and see if anyone was interested before I had to deal with Marketplace or Craigslist. I'll check back in here regularly until its sold. Appreciate the look.


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Greetings Mr. Bowman,

I've been kinda hankering for a KDX200 in good working order - nothing fancy, just for easy trail/woods riding by a 71 year old 140 lb. guy.

I have a small shop just north of Asheville NC ministering to the special needs of geriatric Japanese motorcycles; service/repair/refurbishment/restoration/modification. I do not buy and sell bikes as part of the business - but I do buy one for myself, now and then.

It looks like your move route will pass through Asheville or a bit north - Bristol TN, maybe. Any chance you could add it to the moving load and meet me at a date/time convenient for you at the closest point on your route to me? No niggles on the price. If it is in good working order, it's very fair.

Chris Finlayson
Existential Motorcycles
Alexander NC 28701
Chris - I'm in no rush to sell it. I still haven't posted it on other market sites. If you are interested in it, I'm sure we could work something out. However, I'm not sure how close I would be to you but we will be located about 2 hours straight north of Nashville. Feel free to PM me directly and we can talk further details. I try to check these posts atleast every couple of days.
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