1986 Yamaha RZ350, Canadian Model


So let me get a thread going.

I bought a bike from a friend of mine, here's my re-intorduction blurb from another thread.

Most recently, meaning yesterday, I agreed to buy a sweet 1986 Yamaha RZ350 Canadian model from a friend. This bike purchase I managed to convince my wife to approve as I had a 40th B-day trip planned for this spring. Trip started as class A trip (boys only), but then was downgraded to class B (spouses allowed) as some participants had some travel approval challenges. From class B the trip was downgraded to class C (family trip, wife/kids, no inlaws) that we had booked and paid for already. Then this pandemic thing hit, and the whole thing changed to no trip at all. Luckily we got full refund. So in this context, I was able to convince my wife that the bike is a great substitute. So here I am, working on logistics to get that bike over to my place.
I'm planning on picking up my new bike next week, so not too much to share at this point. I'll just post some photos to get things going. What I know of the bike is that it has some track days under her belt. The motor has "stamp" indicating that some porting has probably been done. The pipes appear to be aftermarket as well. The top front fairing and wind shield are not original, but rather something that has been made to work. I'm sure there is more to it, and I'll sort them out as I find them.

Right now my plan is to repair the fairings, found some ABS repair tricks online, one being acetone repair and then there are some commercial products that could be used. I don't think there are too many pieces missing, but some cracks for sure. I really don't want to spend $$$$$ on new plastics, so this will be a bit of a learning project on how to work with plastics. Oh...and I think I need to get new tires as I just don't like to run old/unknown condition tires on anything. Looks like Avon 26 and Battlax 45 are readily available options.

But feel free to comment or share even crazy ideas for this bike.

I'll be posting another thread on my KTM as I'm trying to sort out the gremlins in that beast. I figured this forum is more receptive to my ideas than KTM and dirt bike forums where $$$$ is often the solution to every problem. I know



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Go to (or call) a local dealership service department and ask them to save you some ABS take-offs from wrecks. Oatey ABS plumbing cement to glue and general purpose clear cleaner to prepare joints (remove paint from the area first). ABS plumbing is no longer used around here, but the cement is available on Amazon.

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I had a RD350 YPVS in the UK back when I was 19. It was the go to for all hooligans on a budget. I loved it. Fork seals were a problem, mainly because I kept bottoming out the forks. The engine was easy to work on and tune. I had a lot of fun for little money, I hope this is true for you. Mine had just a belly fairing with a round head light which I still think looks great on any RD / RZ
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That fairing looks like it is Yamaha OEM. I don't know for sure that the Canadian RZ was available with the full fairing. It does look like the RZ500 fairing.
We endurance raced an RZ350 for a couple of years in the mid 80's it went well for us as we won our class or finished on the podium most races. I think we were mostly running Dunlops as we had a tire deal from the distributor. Those wheels are a little narrow, now, but if you are just going to run it on the street then eithr the Avons or Bridgestones will be fine. If you are going to take it to the track, I would swap the front end and wheels to those from a YZF600R or R6S for the 17" wheels, better brakes and bigger fork tubes.
RZ350s are very cool.


Taking the bike to the track hasn't really crossed my mind, but it doesn't sound bad. I did race karts as a kid for a while and have extensive pedal bike race history. How hard could motorcycle track racing be ;)

I think the OEM top fairing comes back much further.

I didn't think about wreck repurposing before, but need to look into that. We also have insurance company auctions here where they sell various damaged bikes, so need to keep an eye on that.


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My Honda service guy gave me the whole right side of a 2014 GoldWing plastic. Mounts, angles, flats were all available, and I cut out of it what I needed to patch up a '79 CB750F tail section. Kept the rest and use it for patching up '70s GL1000s that I rescue.


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You don't need to buy a whole bike - just empty the bin at your local dealer. What you need are different shapes of ABS panels to cut and weld into

the shape you need P9140011.JPGP9140013.JPG


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You don't need to buy a whole bike - just empty the bin at your local dealer. What you need are different shapes of ABS panels to cut and weld into the shape you need
Yep. I cut it with a Harbor Freight multi-tool, but most any saw will work and a rasp will shape it.


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Also the new 3d printer pens and ABS filiment can make filling small holes etc way easier. then you can smooth with acetone etc.


If you mix acetone and abs you can make glues or pastes depending on the pieces you are trying to repair or replace. It is very solid, with sanding and buffing it will look pretty good.


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I have a crack in the fairing on my RG250 and also the chin fairing on my RZ350 has split into, If I get brave enough I will try some of the techniques that you guys have written about, thanks. Now back to the post. :)


Great excuse to get my daughter the 3D printer pen she has been asking for ages :cool:

I also got some advise to make sure the YPVS mechanism work on both cylinders before running it. Is this something I could do by popping the little covers off on the outside of cylinders, on the exhaust side or is this bit bigger tear down job?

Need to get my trailer and KTM from the cabin and this new bike from buddy's place this weekend. Should keep me away from easter chocolate.


Awesome information, thank you.

We moved to a new to us house in August and live on river now. So first spring for us on the river. The ice just broke today by our house and water level "jumped" over 3' so I was juggling my remote work and securing my boat and dock so the flood water won't take them.

I might also need to vacuum, wash the floors, do the dishes (twice) and clean the bathrooms to get an approval for my "hide in the garage all easter weekend" plan.


Just a quick question. Does anybody know whether RZV500 nose cowl would work on this bike?


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I'd love to run across one of these 350 2 strokes. I just missed a steal on an RD350 a few months ago.


Nevermind about the nose cowl, it's supposedly the same piece on RD/RZ500, RZ350 and RZV500.

@3DogNate 2 strokers tend to sell fast, or at least every single one I've ever spotted.

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