1989 radian


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Just picked up this really nice two owner radian with 11,000 miles. I put some pro taper style bars off my TM racing dirt bike, painted the grab rail black and here she sits I don't have any experience with these but it looks to be a fun kick around town bike. Any thoughts? Forks are a bit soft but motor is strong and riding position much improved with the bars...



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Thats a pretty tidy example - I wouldn't cut that up if I were you.

BTW - your swingarm is the single most valuable part on your bike. Just so you know......
I had the exact same bike. Yours is in fine condition. People will tell you not to modify it, but there are always things you can improve. You can stiffen the forks with new springs or preloading the originals with spacers, and running a slightly thicker fork oil. I nice big, round headlight really changes the look without being irreversible, and improved night riding. They run a little cold blooded, too, so a jet kit- or a pipe AND jet kit- will really wake them up. They used the same engine in the FZ and FJ600s, so they're pretty sporty, but the Radian had shorter gearing, so acceleration is even better. Wheelie machines!

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