1990 GSX-R1100 Bad Attitude


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I thought I would share my fighter I built a number of years back. It was the early 2000's and I wanted to build a real fighter. Had to find the one that started it all....the GSX-R 1100...air cooled of course.

Searched forever to find one that wasn't nearly $4,000 and mint. Found it. Pile of crap with 2 ignitions switches, no keys, and kid's word it ran. Took about a year for him to cough up a duplicate title for it. Once that was had the deal was made.

Here is what I hauled home.


2 and a half years of work and this is what rolled out.


For more pictures and details of the build visit my website www.street-unique.com and go to the link for Bad Attitude.

Thanks for looking!
Yah it is just too much fun to ever sell. It had a wiesco big bore kit in it when I bought it although I honestly don't know how big it is. I am running a stage 3 get kit with a Micron exhaust with 6" off the can. I went 4 up on the rear sprocket so it comes out of the hole really fast. Gave up the 160 top end but hey.....I'll beat you to the next light. ;D 8)
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