1996 Honda XR250r Restoration


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Had to tear her down to the bolts.. Here she was when I picked her up:

Now here's a naked bike:

Time to strip the plastics..

New Tank decals

Worked on the tank some more and got the discoloring to go away.. New Renthal bars:

Put back together, de-greased the engine. Installed new decals, Acerbis hand gaurds, and new Gaitors:

TrailTech Vapor Speedo/Tach:

Cleaned her up:

Loaded up:

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Thanks! I found this gem on CL for 600 bucks. She was badly neglected..New top end, bottom end, plastics, rubber, I could go on and on..So easy to work on, parts are really cheap as well.. And they're street legal!


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Xr's will always hold a special place in my heart. Glad to see somebody taking care of one. :D


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Great work! Its nice to see people doing this. Nothing wrong with an older bike.

I did an 85 a while back. I got it in a box and was told nothing could be made from it.

Currently I am doing a 85 xl600 that I picked up for 250 bux

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