1997 RM125 back to stock.


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So a buddy gave me this free bike. And being the glutton for punishment that I am. I took it with the intent on rebuilding it. So I did.

It showed up without... well, everything to make it run. I bought a mikuni TMX35, new piston, plastics, ebay graphic kit, tire, chain and sprocket kit. And a few other things but, when I was complete I put about $500 into the machine with just rebuilding the top end and putting a few things on. I had to hunt ebay like a hawk for a seat and rear sub-frame but, it panned out nicely. It ran like a scared wolf (for a 125) and anyways it was the quickest build I ever undertook because I didn't put any glorious plans into it or have big ambitions on how it should run. I sold it to a kid for $1200 so he could enjoy the sport as much as I do. Anyways here's some pictures.



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