1st Edition DTT BOOK.. Want to be published?...


Is that the best you got? OK.. now my TURN...
Ok gents..
The deadline is looming...
If you want your bike published on the first edition DoTheTon book, we need pictures and build specs submitted ASAP.
Deadline is Sept 1.
Any submissions past Sept 1 will not be included.

here is the link to the post for detail.


We need: 4 hi-rez pictures. (1 of the bike before, 3 of the bike after)
We need: file (.doc or .txt or whatever) of the description/build specs.
We need: Your user/handle name on DTT and location ie. Chicago DTT, Toronto DTT, NorPAC DTT, AussiePosse DTT... you get the idea.

Pics with girls on the bikes are fine but NO Nudie shots... It is afterall a coffee-table book so lets try to keep it tasteful..

So please submit ASAP

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