1sttimer is an awesome seller!


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Look for cl200 part out in the selling thread. (warning-long post with rants. just read the main points in the 1st sentence of each paragraph if you want the gist of it

i bought the seat, fender and taillight. i just needed the pan off the seat and, for a 40yr old piece of metal, it is awesome (he said it was just "functional") I'm going to say he lied: its mint (obviously not "mint" but within context…). there a little rust on the, still 40yr old fender, but i saw that in the very detailed pics he sent well before i gave him money (a hint for those who may be on here complaining about how they 'got took by a guy and can't find him now.': verify what you are buying and where it is coming from. they can still lie or mislead you but it makes it harder for ppl that are scamming).

1sttimer took the time to answer any questions i had, and take specific pics (yet another way to verify, get them to take pics of certain things you are most concerned about, like threads and mounting points.) he also included all the hardware, which a lot of ppl do not.

the shipping was fast, way fast. and not usps, either. straight up fedex. i have a problem with usps in that they don't actually delivery my mail. they make me go and pick it up but still charge the same price. id rather spend the extra money and actually receive my stuff at home and in a timely, safe fashion.

he was always quick to respond, even if he wasn't in front of the bike, which he was for most of my questions, he would tell me that he would look into it rather than giving me a false answer.

anyone out there that needs cl200 parts can still find some quality stuff, and if it isn't any good, he will tell you or let you judge for yourself, without trying to convince you its better than it really is.

oh and of course, the price was extremely fair. i couldn't touch a seat alone for what he charged for the parts, plus shipping! he's not looking to get rich, just get rid of this bike.

go see what else he's got. at the very least, he's a good guy to talk to.

i know this is a long post for a single bike part out, but there are so many trolls out there complaining about how they made poor decisions and now they are blaming the sellers. sometime it is their fault, but mostly it seems ppl are not asking the right questions and then feeling embarrassed. so, they come here and bash the seller.

but i digress…

1sttimer is a good guy. i guess thats all i wanted to say, but I'm a loud-mouthed, smart-ass.
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